We believe that people are designed to have meaningful and satisfying lives.

Welcome to Our Clinic

Effective living requires balancing all aspects of the person including physical, emotional, relational and spiritual dimensions. When these areas are out of balance, whether due to stressors, trauma or physical make-up, emotional difficulties may arise.

As professional therapists, we are committed to helping people create hope in their lives. We assist clients in developing awareness of issues, applying new strategies which promote change and healing, and restoring the freedom to make new choices.

It is important for individuals to have their values honored when counseling. We are committed to helping clients create a personal path of growth and healing which is consistent with their life perspective. For those who desire it, Christian based counseling is available to assist in incorporating these beliefs fully into their life.

If you or someone you know is experiencing life concerns, we invite you to look through this web site and contact us for assistance. We will help you find the best resources, whether within our clinic or elsewhere.

We hope you experience our offices as both professional and welcoming. We want you to feel comfortable when you come so we invite you to enjoy the coffee, tea and water. We hold your information in strict confidence so you can feel free to fully engage your counseling process and find the change and growth you are looking for.


The twenty independent therapists in the clinic are licensed professionals who have advanced degrees in the mental health field. Each one is an experienced therapist who is committed to a high standard of professional practice and personal integrity.

Our offices are conveniently located at the intersection of 694 and Long Lake Rd. Our services are reimbursable by most insurances, including Medicare and Medical Assistance. We ask that you make deductible payments and co-payments at the time of each session. Information regarding fees and payment plans is available upon request. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.