Frequently Asked Questions

Many insurance plans cover a portion of the cost of counseling, although most plans require some participation from the client. We recommend that you check with your insurance company about coverage. We are also able to assist you in finding out this information.

We have a range of fees depending upon the licensure of the therapist. We would be glad to discuss fees and methods of payment with you.

Sessions generally last 45 or 50 minutes.

Because each person has unique circumstances, the length of counseling can vary from a few sessions to more long term. Your therapist will determine, with you, the goals and length of treatment.

We have therapists working evening hours Monday through Friday. Occassionally therapists will schedule sessions on Saturdays, but these are usually not regularly scheduled.

We provide services for most adolescents and all adults. If you are involved with family counseling it is common for children to participate.

It is important that you are comfortable working with your therapist. Many clients have been referred to a particular therapist and will choose to work with that person. For anyone calling the clinic without such a recommendation, a therapist will talk with you to determine your needs, the areas of expertise you are seeking, your preference for gender of the therapist, insurance issues, times available for appointments, and any other concerns. They will then suggest therapists that are likely to be the best match for you.

We understand that it is not possible for a therapist to be able to work with every client because each therapist has their unique style. Therefore, if you do find that you would like a change, we encourage you to talk with your therapist or one of the clinic directors about this as soon as possible. We will assist you in finding a therapist with whom you feel more comfortable.

Depending upon how urgent your needs are, we can usually set up an initial appointment within one week. Sometimes, a particular therapist or a specific time is not as available. We will work with you to find your best options..

While we recommend medications in some situations, we do not prescribe medications from our office. You would need to see your personal physician or a psychiatrist for a prescription.