Mark Anderson

Mark is licensed as a master’s level psychologist and a marriage and family therapist. He also has a previous master’s degree in Christian Ministries from Wheaton College Graduate School. Mark has over 20 years’ experience teaching family therapy. He is a Minnesota State Approved Supervisor with the boards of psychology, behavioral health, and marriage and family therapy. He is on the faculty at Bethel University and St. Mary’s University graduate programs plus running two training programs in family therapy. He is also a frequent speaker on marriage, parenting and relationships. Mark is one of the therapists we refer our most challenging couple and family cases to. He loves working with large extended families but also works with individuals and adolescents. With creativity, humor and precision Mark can penetrate to the key elements of patterns and problems quickly, and assist individuals, couples and families to find their way out of where they are stuck into new ways of thinking and relating.

Mark believes that to be a good therapist, you need to ask good questions. He starts with the premise that everyone started out doing their best to live and interact well.. There are some basic components of all relationships such as problems develop in areas of motivation, skills or blockages and Mark sees the need for families to balance relationship, emotion and accountability. At the same time each case is unique in some way and Mark is always inventing analogies and concepts that fit specific clients (often thinking outside the box!). As a former pastor Mark is very comfortable including the spiritual side of client’s lives as it pertains to their problems and solutions. Mark is a straight shooter, but at the same time gentle and respectful.

“Scars achieved in battle will not count against contestants.”

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